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Every realtor gets asked the same question by clients: is it a buyers’ or a sellers’ market right now? A follow-up question usually comes shortly after: how can I tell if it changes?

The ebbing and flowing of the real estate market can get quite complicated to the untrained eye, but it is not impossible to figure out. You just need to know what to look for. Here are some of the telltale signs that the market is changing so you can keep that in mind as we head into the fall real estate market. 

Shifts in Inventory Levels

Inventory levels fluctuate with the changes in the market. When inventory levels are high, it is usually an indication of a buyers’ market as there are more sellers in the real estate game than there are buyers at that time. Low

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Taxes are usually associated with April 15, but there is another deadline that should be on your radar, and it’s coming up quickly. December 10 at 5 p.m. is the deadline to pay the first installment of your property taxes.  Below are the answers to some common questions that you should know before the due date.

What is due on December 10?

The official deadline is December 10 at 5 p.m. (if mailing your payment, a postmark before midnight is considered on time). By this deadline, you need to have paid the first installment of your real estate taxes, but the deadline is also the last day to file certain late exemption requests. While you won’t be able to receive the full exemption because it is considered a late file, you can still receive a fairly

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The holidays are often people’s favorite time of year. Some love it for the gathering of family and friends, some love it for the delicious home cooked foods and cookies, some love it for the presents. And many love the holidays for the decorations. But when your home is for sale, holiday decorations can become more of a liability than a festive occasion. Here are some tips for decorating your home for the holidays that will strike the balance between your personal touch and what will sell on the market. 


One of the first steps of any home staging is to remove all the clutter and nonessential personal items from all surfaces. Don’t be tempted to fill that empty space with an overload of holiday figurines. Keep surfaces clear and well

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As the year heads into its final season, it’s the perfect time to look back over the patterns in the real estate market for this year as well as begin making predictions for what is to come. The overall trend thus far suggests that both sales and home prices will see growth in 2015. Here is a closer look at the performance in individual areas of the real estate market. 

Sales Activity

Coming out of 2013, many real estate investors had left the market due to a lack of budget properties. The affordability for primary home buyers was in decline following a double-digit increase in home prices and mortgage rates. It took half of 2014 for sales to recover, but since June sales numbers have been picking up.  Look for this increase to continue into 2015.

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On the border of Valencia and Saugus, surrounded by a warm ambiance and breathtaking views, lies the Tesoro del Valle community.  It is peaceful but welcoming. And for its approximately 6000 residents, it is home.  

The Tesoro del Valle community is more than just a place to live. It has a unique history that truly makes its location one of a kind. The community’s land first belonged to the Shoshone Indian tribe, land and history that later inspired countless classic western films. Before Tesoro del Valle was the prime residential real estate development, it was the meeting place for all the western film stars!

Now the 10-tract master-planned community is known throughout Santa Clarita for its amenities, great location, and overall tranquility.

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One of the most common questions real estate professionals are asked by clients is whether it is a “good” time to sell their homes. With so many factors contributing to assessing the housing market, it is understandable that sellers would seek just a simple yes or no from someone who makes his or her living on knowing when to buy and when to sell real estate. And when the answer to the question is a resounding yes, people interested in selling their homes can breathe a sigh of relief and get down to the business of putting their homes on the market.

Right now is one of those resounding yes times. In fact, it is the perfect time to be involved in the housing market regardless of whether you are looking to sell your home or buy a new one.


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The original 1944 GI Bill was packaged with a home loan guarantee for veterans and active servicemembers. Now every year over $36 billion in loans is given to 180,000 or more servicemembers for purchasing a home. These loans have become some of the most sound and viable loan options for eligible veterans, with numerous benefits for the buying veteran or active servicemember.

No Money Down

Eligible veterans, upon approved income and credit, can purchase a primary residence with no money down towards the sale price of the home. Over 90% of the VA loans are no money down loans. No down payment loans are very difficult to obtain in the conventional loan market. Yet the VA loans, formally financed through a private lender, are guaranteed financially by

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Veterans’ Affairs loans, abbreviated as VA loans, once received a poor reputation, but that reputation is currently undeserved. Not only are there many benefits for the buying veteran--no money down, further financial assistance, etc.--but also there are no drawbacks for sellers considering accepting a VA loan as payment. Here are three dispelled myths regarding VA loans, so sellers take note!

Myth 1: The seller incurs substantial extra costs that he or she would not have to pay with a conventional buyer’s loan.

The VA loan policy does prevent the veteran from paying certain fees that a non-VA loan buyer would pay: commitment fees, underwriting fees, processing fees, and the like. Technically, these fess are then paid by the selling party. However,

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Regal Realty of California is known for liaising between buyers and sellers in order to make the perfect transaction for all parties involved. Regal Realty is known for finding its clients the perfect home or for selling a home with the perfect offer. But Regal Realty’s emphasis on perfection extends to another real estate relationship: that of the rental market.

Under the name of Regal Rentals of California, we at Regal Realty provide full property management services to both renters and landlords.

If you are a landlord…

Attempting to find a tenant requires managing advertising and showing your property multiple times and can quickly become a time-consuming process. But with Regal Rentals as the property management, all of advertising and

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Managing a building or property (or multiple) quickly becomes a time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming second job. Many people who choose to become landlords either by buying an entire building or even renting out their former home have other “day” jobs; managing a property on top of that is not always feasible. Hence, it is worthwhile to employ a property management company to manage your property for you. After all, that is their day job!

But not all property management companies are legitimate or the right fit for your needs. Take these points into consideration when choosing the property management firm appropriate for you.


A property management firm that has years of experience behind it already knows the ins and outs of its

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